Listed below is the current Three Lakes Community Foundation Board of Directors. Please don't hesitate to contact any of these individuals with your questions and ideas, or for a personal conversation.

Jim Morley

Board Chair

"After having seen enduring benefits of community foundations in other parts of our country, when I learned our beloved Three Lakes was establishing its own, I thought, ‘what a wonderful way to participate in making an impact that will grow through the years.’ By contributing particularly into permanently endowed funds, ongoing strategically placed funding will enhance the town, its people and protect its natural heritage for generations to come."

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John Stauner

Vice Chair/Interim Treasurer

"A community foundation is an opportunity to make a difference. By providing a platform to promote philanthropy, we are investing in a future for our community. The seeds that are planted through a community foundation will impact both the current community and future generations."

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Ann Blamey


"Maya Angelou said it best when she wrote, “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” The Three Lakes Community Foundation is a perfect vehicle for giving back to this community we call home! It is a visionary organization that is here in the present to enhance and enrich opportunities to support Three Lakes now, and in the future. I can be a part of something bigger than me and something that will bless generations to come. And I am not in this alone…there is a whole commUNITY behind it."

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Pat Brainard

Past Chair

"Several years ago, I attended a forum that included a breakout session on community foundations. Since then, I’ve been intrigued with how a Three Lakes community foundation can provide both current and long-lasting benefits. While funds are available for now, the challenge I’m most excited about is the unlimited possibilities the Foundation’s endowment fund can offer. The larger and faster this “savings account” grows, the sooner it can be put to good use. As a non-profit option for charitable giving, I hope you consider, then decide to support the Three Lakes Community Foundation with your next donation."

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Janele Dupuis

Board Member

"When people come together for the greater good, good things happen. The Three Lakes Community Foundation is an action-based organization with long-lasting effects in this special place. I am grateful to be a part of the TLCF and be of service to the place I call home."

Brian Fritz

Board Member

 "Quote from Brian coming soon"


Heidi Raddatz

Board Member

"For a community to grow and thrive through generations of change, it is necessary to have a community group and fund dedicated to a thoughtful, ongoing investment for now and for the future."

Ginger Verch

Board Member

"Small towns thrive when people get involved. The Three lakes community foundation provides and excellent opportunity for growth and development both now and for generations to come. I am excited for the future of Three Lakes." 
These directors serve as volunteers.

The Three Lakes Community Foundation is grateful for the many volunteers who donate their time and talents, including:
  • Heather Biro
  • Nancy DeYoung
  • Michelle Hartness
  • Ed Jacobson
  • Kitty Banner-Seemann
  • Tara Stephens
  • Jean Tehan
  • Stella Westfall
  • Gary Williams
  • Paul Wussow

We welcome others who would like to be helpful to contact one of the directors above.
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